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Bluebird Atelier (pronounced uh·teh·lee·ay) is a creative learning studio in downtown Lewisburg, PA offering art classes for all ages, preschool, afterschool enrichment, summer camp, and birthday parties for children. We operate around a philosophy of education that focuses on the learner as a unique individual. Bluebird seeks to cultivate joy, confidence, and focus through the creative arts. Bluebird's approach to learning is based on a combination of the atelier model of the Reggio Emilia school, along with experiential and child-centered philosophies of education. Financial need scholarships are available - contact



Jessi has over ten years of classroom teaching experience in the elementary grades and a master's in childhood education from NYU. She has taught at schools with innovative and renowned arts programs, including Little Red School House in NYC and Elisabeth Morrow School in New Jersey. Recognizing the need for arts and STEM integration (and the decline in programs in the public schools), she founded Bluebird Atelier to bring her brand of experiential creative learning to the Susquehanna Valley. In addition to teaching, Jessi is an artist and maker, and a mom. She lives in Lewisburg with her husband and daughter. She hopes that Bluebird Atelier will foster the love and joy of learning through creativity. 

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