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Bluebird Atelier (pronounced uh·teh·lee·ay) is a creative learning studio that offers hands-on arts education for all ages. Located in downtown Lewisburg, Bluebird's schedule includes classes for preschool, school age children, teens and adults, as well as children's birthday parties and summer camps for kids. Click on an age group below to find your next class, and experience the life-enriching power of creativity!

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Courses and studio experiences that focus on building literacy and social skills, exploration of sensory materials and processes, and nurturing the natural curiosity that makes these developmental stages so magical!

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As the child progresses beyond the exploration phase, they are ready to refine their skills, develop their unique style, and follow their individual interests. Courses for these age groups focus on project-based learning, STEAM, and creative problem-solving.

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 (AGES 4-12)

Camps are week-long thematic, project-based, active, immersive experiences held over school breaks. Events include popup weekend "Crafternoons" and seasonal workshops.

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Experiences designed to allow for freeform creativity as well as guided instruction. Participants are encouraged to indulge their creative playfulness while learning a skill and connecting socially with

fellow makers.


children's birthday party


teacher reading to children in a preschool classroom

Rebecca, Lewisburg Mom

Lewisburg is so lucky to have the addition of the bright, airy, creative and artistic studio and vision of Bluebird Atelier! Their programs are taught and led by an educator and artist who really knows children and art.

children gathered at a fashion show

Sarah, Lewisburg Mom

My daughters have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Bluebird. It has been such a pleasure to see how engaged and excited they are about their explorations and creating. Our time with Bluebird has truly been a gift!

child making a cardboard house

Ramona, Lewisburg Mom

Our son has thoroughly enjoyed Bluebird's creative programs. Their use of imagination and interdisciplinary learning are so seamlessly integrated. We whole-heartedly recommend this experience for young learners!

creativity in focus

Bluebird Atelier offers facilitated practice for the artist in us all, from toddlers to teens, and grown-ups too!

Early childhood groups offer exploratory opportunities. Project-based courses are adapted to the individual based on the skills, goals, and interests of each artist.

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authenticity always

Self-expression begins with embracing your unique viewpoint. Bluebird starts with the artist's interests and one-of-a-kind point of view and builds upon it, honing their distinctive style.


Bluebird is a safe and nurturing environment for taking creative risks. Students practice advanced methods of critique, as well as appreciating their own work and growth. 

process vs product

Bluebird emphasizes the process of creating, and values an outcome that reflects the artist's vision. Along the way, students learn to embrace mistakes and the "beautiful mess" that is creating art.


By appreciating the experience, the end product becomes all the more meaningful to the artist. 

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mindful practice

Classes are designed for optimal focus with sustained work-time to achieve a flow state. We practice in a screen-free, work-ready environment. In this way, classes serve to improve creative skills while having a calming and freeing effect on the mind.

Collaboration is also key, as we are social learners. Bluebird courses are designed to encourage independent work as well as collaborative skill-building.


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Studio Arts

An exploration of fine arts media, techniques and concepts, with the goal of refining the young artist's unique style and point of view.


Courses in fashion, toy design, and textiles guide young artists through the design process, from idea generation and prototyping to testing and production. 

Sensory Exploration

Process art experiences in which younger children are exposed to a variety of multi-sensory materials to create with. Children are encouraged to fully engage with the materials (i.e. create a wonderful mess, which we clean up so you can relax and be present with your little artists!)

 Literacy & Humanities

Courses that offer a creative approach to learning literacy for younger children, and art history and culture courses for upper elementary students. 

Fun & Parties

Special studio events and private parties are designed for pure fun through the joy of creating as a community. 


Courses that feature project based learning and integrate the arts, sciences, engineering, and math.

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